Techniques of mica

Mica is a crystalline mineral, characterized by very thin sheets that are easily stripped away.
In Japanese it is known as kirara or kira, onomatopoetic expressions meaning “glitter,” which is also the meaning of the Latin micare from which the English word “mica” is derived.
The material has a high degree of gloss and sparkles brightly when light strikes it.
Depending on its composition, it is variously categorized as muscovite (white mica), phlogopite (magnesium mica), lepidolite (lithia mica), and so on.
Mica is also known as the “stone of transformation.”

My works create a unique world using a mixture of powdered mica and ink on washi paper.
I will be delighted if you enjoy these pieces, which change in myriad ways depending on the angle of view.
I greatly look forward to meeting you.

Kirimoto Shokan